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Benchmark Residential Inspections
Home HealthCheck™

Identify unseen issues before the damage is done and save thousands off potential repair costs

Protect your family against unseen health issues in your home, protect the income and expenses of your home and ensure the longevity of your home.
Our unique HealthCheck Inspection is a full visual inspection and thermal imagining scan of the inside and outside of your property

What we offer

Property Health And Condition Inspection Around Gold Coast And Brisbane

With our experience in Building inspections around  Gold Coast and Brisbane, it’s safe to say we have developed a full-proof process. Our process includes three steps, which we discuss below.

Client Results

What you get

What does an Inspection Include?

Every service includes a thermography and visual inspection of the following:

  • External walls and eaves
  • Groundline around the perimeter of the home
  • External patios and balconies
  • All internal walls and ceilings
  • The condition and integrity of the bathrooms
  • Showers or baths / wet areas tested
  • Moisture testing with a moisture meter
  • General Cracking
  • Material Deterioration
  • Visual Damage

How We Work

Thermal camera scanning

A full visual inspection of your home

Assurance of the Property Condition

Moisture testing bathrooms

A report with all images and findings

Annual inspection and monitoring

Dear Home Owner,

My name is Jason George and I am the owner of Benchmark Inspections. We have developed our unique Home HealthCheck inspection program. We specialise in helping our clients with property health checks.

Using decades of experience and thermal imaging technology, we can identify unseen problems in your home.

Unfortunately, homeowners can not see many problems with their homes until they come to the surface. In fact, we often see the effect, not the cause.  We can identify unseen issues before they are visible and the damage is done.

Our health check program is your risk management tool against potential repair costs and health issues.

I have found that preventative maintenance and early intervention can save thousands on repair costs and possible lost income whilst repairs are being done.

Our health check inspection will identify water leaks, bathroom leaks, mould, dampness, termite nests and vermin nests before they are seen. These items may be potentially causing damage to your property.

Our goal is to help you to keep your property in tip-top shape. Your home should be healthy to live in and not suffering from unseen issues that may be reducing its lifetime and increasing your repair costs

What we offer

Why use us

Fully licensed and insured Building inspector

Inspector is trained and experienced in Thermal camera operations and fault identification

Findings Review
Call /Discussion

Detailed Inspection Report, including images and descriptions

Monitoring any changes between inspections



Frequently Ask Questions

The HealthCheck inspection looks for evidence of water or moisture inside walls or ceiling spaces, dampness or rising damp in floors and external walls, active termite and vermin nests in floors, walls or ceilings. Our inspector will also conduct a visual inspection throughout the property to identify and monitor any cracking, deterioration or damage.

We use infrared thermal imaging to scan your house and look beyond the surface. We also take moisture readings of certain elements throughout your home. 

The HealthCheck inspection is about staying on top of the condition of your property. It makes sense to prioritise looking after our biggest asset. Preventative maintenance and early intervention can save thousands in the long run. 

Absolutely we can identify any mould or dampness inside your floor, walls or ceiling.

We recommend yearly inspections to stay on top of any potential developing issues. We keep your inspection reports and can compare them to monitor changes that may have occurred in between

Yes, you sure can. A once-off inspection will show you exactly the health status of your property. Most clients want to protect their asset and their family and choose to go for a regular inspection routine—no pressure from us… it's your decision.

Our Process

The steps people have to go through to get the survice done:

  • Submit booking form
  • We will book inspection and liaise with you or your agent
  • Attend inspection - if available we encourage people to attend
  • Have discussion on findings
  • Receive report
  • Make next decision with confidence
  • Discuss inspection frequency

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