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About Benchmark Inspections

Hi, I am Jason George owner of Benchmark Inspections. I have been a Builder since the late 80’s predominately in residential construction. My working life started between the cities of Sydney and Newcastle. I renovated a a lot of heritage listed homes including Kirribilli House. We moved to the Gold Coast after the Sydney Olympics in 2000. For around 10yrs I was a site manager within the project home space. During this time I built around 350 new homes.
When the Brisbane floods came in 2010 I decided I wanted to help out some families that had lost their homes. I started Sebuild and we rebuilt a few flood affected homes. From there we specialised in renovations and extensions. I loved doing 2 storey additions and transforming homes for families.
In 2020 I injured my hands and was off work for a substantial time. I am not the kind of person to sit around. I made a few calls and was offered a contract to do Building Inspections for a large Sydney based investment company. This was the birth of Benchmark Inspections.
I found that I could really put all my knowledge and experience to work to help families in a new way. By giving people a clear and precise picture of a property I seen peoples lives changed or you could say saved. There are Building Inspectors and there are Building Inspectors. There are Inspection reports and there are Inspection reports…you know what I mean.
My goal was, and is, to give people a clear and accurate picture of their property. Whether they are buying a new home, building a new home or just doing thier best to maintain thier current home. To make sure that they understand it, both the good and the bad. To save them time and money because they have the right info. To be their expertise in my field of expertise
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